Frequently Asked Questions?

We often receive the following questions from our customers and so this section is our opportunity to provide some answers.

Where is the Balderson Village Cheese Store located?

Our Balderson Cheese Store is located in Balderson, Ontario, Canada, which is about an hours' drive northwest of Canada's capital of Ottawa, Canada.

Do you ship to the United States and around the world?

It depends on what is being shipped. Please contact us at (613) 267-4492 to inquire about shipping to your area.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping costs are determined based on the weight (both actual and dimensional) of the product, the delivery requirements for the product (refrigeration, special packaging), and the destination of the package. For more specific shipping costs regarding any product, please contact us at (613) 267-4492

What shipping carriers do you use?

Depending on the destination, required date for delivery of an order or preference of our customers, we use CANPAR, UPS and Canada Post.

Who could I speak to if I have a question relating to cheese ingredients, or quality control of a Balderson Cheese product or packaging?

For all comments or questions regarding ingredients or problems with a product or its packaging, please contact the Balderson Cheese Company at 1-800-263-2858.